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Link to the Past

Zelda_Link_green_thepepperedcat_pepcat Zelda_Link_blue_thepepperedcat_pepcat Zelda_Link_red_thepepperedcat_pepcatLink to the Past is my favorite Zelda game. Wind Waker comes second. Link to the Past felt like I was really on an adventure. You were given room to go exploring and rewarded for being brave and experimenting . Sure there were some hand holding parts, especially in the beginning of the game, but it was just enough. It sure as hell didn’t feel like Skyward Sword. The only reason I place Wind Waker second is due to the side missions. A lot of them felt like I was doing them just because. Granted some of them led to necessary/useful items, but it felt tacked on. They didn’t really feel like a part of the game. Felt like I was on some mundane real life task. This is actually the MAIN reason I hate Skyward Sword. That entire game felt like a task. Such a shame though, as some dungeons and ideas were wasted on that game. The time manipulation areas were brilliant. Maybe sooner or later I’ll go into detail about my love for Zelda and …. frustration with the recent entries.

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Brandon Graham & Marian Churchland’s Arclight


8house #1 is a beautiful book and I’m already anxious for more 8house entries. The pacing feels like a breezy dance, the atmosphere is so pleasant yet you feel a dark omnipresence. I always liked Marian’s art, but I never picked up any of her books. Now I’m kicking myself because I have been missing out. I’m gonna hunt down her work. As for Brandon’s writing, it’s on point as usual. Good show Graham Churchland. Good show.

Oh, guess which Transformer that is….